VOCUIS Branding & Design Co., Ltd. is located in Jingcheng Lane of Taichung, a tranquil and serene space featuring a strong artistic atmosphere and surrounded by a variety of featured cafés and exotic restaurants.

The extensive use of glass, cement, black iron and timber materials gives a primitive appearance to the walls of the new office. The overall space sense is rendered through glass, and this artful design carries a rough but warm feeling in a concisely stylish style. The large wooden book shelves create a soothing atmosphere. The main background wall is made of H-shaped steel, creating a layer sense. The extended glass partitions are for used as reception and common rooms, making the space layout diversified. The customized wooden desks and stainless workstations generate a conflicted but balanced effect. Together with the black ceiling, well-ranked customized projector tracks create a concise industrial style, adding a right feature to the working place.

VOCUIS upholds its own values in designing the new office, from design drawing, construction to furniture selection. The new office attracts many people to take photos. It must be a wonderful thing to work in such a spacious space while listening to the relaxing songs of the 1980s.