W-TEAM, Woodworking Machinery Industry Alliance Brand Building

Taiwan is the fourth largest woodworking machinery exporter in the world. In order to jump up to the3rd place in 2016, the Industrial Development Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Affairs helped to establish the “W-Team” alliance in the Central Taiwan Science Park for the purpose of integrating the upstream and downstream woodworking factories in Taiwan , building an integrated alliance image, branding the extensive technology and service capacity of Taiwan woodwork machinery industry, thus building the brand image of Taiwan in the global woodworking machinery market and improving its international competitiveness.

The task of the VOCUIS team is to establish a widely recognized brand image identification system and to help with the promotion. Inspired from the connected woodwork machinery, the team created the brand image identification system in combination of the concepts of “Alliance” and “Integration”, which visually demonstrate the different role of each alliance member and their connection and partnership.

After this brand identity is released, we also hope that the Alliance could have better performance in the international market under this new identity.