Hotel Indigo, Yunan Lijiang, China. Opens!

VOCUIS has been working with IHG as its long-term brand consultant for hotel development and other visual design projects. VOCUIS designed a new image and value of HOTEL INDIGO in Greater China region. HOTEL INDIGO Lijiang, Yunnan, was officially open in July 2014. The brand culture and storyline are integrated into the details of hotel design, perfectly interpreting INDIGO’s neighborhood storyline. This brand design defines its difference with other boutique hotels, and makes the hotel the most attractive boutique hotel in Lijiang, Yunan.

Lijiang features unique Naxi Dongba culture, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, ancient tea-horse road, Mufu Palace, etc. Boasting a time-honored history, diversified cultural and natural resources, Lijiang is one of the most attracting place in China. Among famous Chinese impression cultural shows, the Impression Lijiang, based on local folk culture, takes the snow mountain as its backdrop, and brings the magnificent Lijiang landscape to the stage at the highest place in the world with a height above3100meters.

Lijiang is a place of culture, and attracts a lot of visitors along with the investment of inns and international hotel developers. After exploring the unique local culture, VOCUIS designed HOTEL INDIGO Lijiang, Yunnan, highlighting its different historic values and neighborhood features. While staying at the hotel, guests could enjoy the beauty of Lijiang, heroic caravans, and the beauty of magnificent Jade Dragon Mountain from each object and design that express the extensive heritages of this city.