The rejuvenation of Ambassador Theatres: The road towards brand activation

Ambassador Theatres has witnessed the prosperity of the entertainment industry in Ximending in present Taipei and carries the profound cultural connotation of a region. In the internationalized nowadays, Ambassador Theatres has been deeply ingrained in the memory of generations in Taiwan, and it is familiar to different generations. However, the overall brand image can no longer satisfy the modern market. Entertainment is a relatively trendy industry. It is crucial for Ambassador Theatres to understand the young individuals, communicate with them, and activate the brand image.

In terms of business strategy, as a time-honored domestic theater brand, it is relatively easy to keep the original market whereas developing a new market segment can reflect positivity and vitality, and reverse the current status of the brand. Therefore, VOCUIS suggests that Ambassador Theatres should try to be internationalized and able to communicate with the international market as one of the brand image activation strategies. Adopting a more international design language can not only broaden the original target market segment but also make the brand image more vivid.

Therefore, VOCUIS takes the English brand name “AMBASSADOR” as the main visual identity design. VOCUIS considers the future trend of the digital entertainment industry and draws inspiration from the lifestyle of young individuals. Also, it extracts the design concept from a “broadband screen” and connects to the brand features of Ambassador Theatres, a heavy video screen and dynamic image, implanting the brand image into consumers’ consciousness. Simultaneously, it also amplifies the entertainment and movie viewing experience, leaving a brand-new recognition impression of Ambassador Theatres for consumers.

In addition to redesigning the LOGO of the Ambassador Theatres, VOCUIS also formulated a new set of design application standards, including websites, theaters, tickets and other peripherals to refresh the overall image of the brand. Ambassador Theatres will become a younger and more impressive brand and change the traditional stereotype of the brand image among generation Z.