To polish the brand value, the brand-new SRS Technology brand image is grandly launched.

Founded in 1973 in Tainan, Taiwan, SRS Technology started with fuel strainer and auto parts. In 1988, relying on the potential and growth of the sports equipment market, it transformed into a sports equipment product development and outsourcing manufacturer. With over 30 years of accumulated experience, the company has become a high-quality supplier for many international fitness equipment clients. At the same time, SRS Technology realizes that even an OEM/ODM foundry needs the assistance of a brand strategy to convey the core value of the company through a clear and powerful image which could further enhance interaction and trust from the customer.

The brand strategy, which attaches importance to innovation and professional technical connotation with an international vision and aims to attract the attention of international fitness brands, is what SRS Technology needs. It appeals to the brand positioning of “manufacturing experts of fitness equipment” and “your innovation partner” in order to occupy the market segment of “moderate and high-end fitness equipment”, further understand the demand for “trending products”, and enter the first-line brand market.

VOCUIS assisted SRS Technology to establish an explicit brand image with a clear brand value and positioning. Also, VOCUIS developed various brand touchpoints, including a new brand visual identity, brand identity system standard, RWD brand website design, exhibition venue design and brand catalogue design. There is brand consistency from the inside out of SRS Technology, showing their professional and innovative international brand image.