Sobdeall - Behind the scenes

This is a cooperation project between Taiwan’s leading handbag brand, Sobdeall, and VOCUIS. From scenario selection and design to overall styling and planning, this is another successful brand promotion, highlighting exquisite craftsmanship and unique bag style along with the selection of brand ambassador and professional models.

Sobdeall, “a local brand in tribute to Taiwanese craftsmen”, has a deep root in Taiwan for over two decades. This year, Sobdeall invited actor Xiu Jiekai as its brand ambassador. As an ambitious actor, Xiu Jiekai has been working hard for his dream for years, and finally gained great fame in recent years. His experience well matches up with the perseverance of the Taiwan-based brand Sobdeall, and best represents Sobdeall’s product and brand features.

With the help of photographer Song Zifan, we took photos of Sobdeall’s classical and new bags in the studio, and finished exterior shooting with actor Xiu Jiekai in “Fantasy Story Micro-creative Cultural New Area”, a new famous street in Taitung. The “Root Stock Handicraft Concept Shop”, established by Sobdeall, is also located on this street to share its local craftsmanship, and demonstrate its classical, Yuppie, metropolitan and fashionable styles of the brand.