The Arenui starts cruising!

ARENUI delivers you a unique luxurious trip with amazing natural landscape.

Featuring the culture and spirit of Bali, Arenui selects a local conserved bird as its logo, and integrates the logo into its overall design. It provides top professional diving trips and services. Since its launch in 2007, Arenui has attracted a wide range of attention by its unique brand image and product services.

Arenui was founded by a foreign couple, who remain true to their original aspiration for the sea and devote themselves to boutique cruising business.

In 2011, the Next Magazine paid a visit to Bali to give a report on Arenui, the trip to which was described as an adventure in the movie, The Goonies. At Arenui, people are given a chance to explore a vast variety of marine creatures in Java Sea and Banda Sea. Following the steps of Arenui, visitors from all over the world can have a funny and exciting adventure under the sea.

VOCUIS has been engaged in the design of Arenui since its startup, from brand design (brand identity design and extended application, catalog introduction, website design, magazine and Internet advertisement, etc.) to provision of marketing suggestions and so on, witnessing the development and success of Arenui. Arenui couldn’t make such a big success without the perseverance of its founder and hard -working of its staff. Highly recommended by worldwide professional diving magazines and tourists, Arenui will continue its efforts to deliver luxurious adventures.