BACCO Boutique Italian Wines

BACCO, an Italian boutique wine brand, provides Asian consumers with up to 300 kinds of Italian boutique wines, which are selected from 20Italian production areas.

When selecting wines, Asian consumers prefer to wines produced by France, Chile and other countries. However, BACCO is such a company that is devoted to delivering customers a different wine experience. BACCO visited all Italian wineries to select the best wines that are most suitable for Asian customers. What make the wines selected by BACCO different? They have rigorous standards in selecting wineries, and only choose those producing with small production volumes of high quality wine. They also have a unique brewing process in place, from picking fresh grapes to aging at cellars; Italy is most famous for its countless variety of wines, and hundreds of grape varieties, which in different combination could produce numerous taste possibilities. It has many award-winning vineyards with the longest history in wine brewing.

VOCUIS worked with BACCO in designing its brand identity, including visual design, package and a series of brand image design. The brand identity will be displayed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and other countries and regions to re-interpret the traditional heritage and modern new process of Italian boutique wines.