A voyage of the prosperous mountain island on the Suzhou Riverside. The first Unbound Collection by Hyatt in Shanghai has located in Tianan 1000 Trees.

Hyatt introduced The Unbound Collection By Hyatt in Shanghai for the first time. It is located in Tianan 1000 Trees Mansion (Phase II), a leisure comprehensive landmark along the Suzhou Riverside in Shanghai. The Hyatt Unbound Collection is an exclusive portfolio of upper-upscale and luxury properties designed to captivate travelers seeking distinctive experiences. VOCUIS participates in the branding development of Tianan 1000Trees Mansion, including market research, brand positioning strategy, brand story and touchpoints experience of the guest journey. VOCUIS stands in the role of branding consultant, generating clear brand positioning and uniqueness. The brand story integrates with the Fuxin Flour Mill from the Rong Family which is the origin of industrial civilization in the 19th-century, the DNA from Thomas Heatherwick’s modern architecture and the Graffiti from the neighborhood. It is a voyage of discovery of the prosperous mountain island on the Suzhou Riverside.

Tianan 1000 Trees (Phase I) is a commercial complex, which was officially opened on December 22, 2021. The unique architectural appearance has caused widespread discussion on social media. Tianan 1000 Trees is designed by Thomas Heatherwick, a British design expert. The overall design flows perfectly with the scenic Suzhou River, rising up like tree-covered mountains beside the river in a poetic homage to Huangshan Mountain from which it drew its creative inspiration. Elements of the city’s heritage such as the historical Fufeng and Fuxin Flour Mill and the old warehouse are carefully preserved, giving new life and revitalization in homage to the rich cultural past of Shanghai.

Tianan 1000 Trees Mansion The Unbound Collection By Hyatt is the symbol of the coexistence and co-prosperity with the civilization and nature of Suzhou River, creating a luxury exploration journey with serendipity.