"Zang Cang" is a natural and cultural wonderland for travelers with style and personality. The brand new Hotel Indigo Jiuzhai is located in Zhongcha Valley, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

Hotel Indigo Jiuzhai is located in Jiuzhai Luneng, a new provincial tourist resort, with unique and excellent conditions. VOCUIS has established the brand story of “Zang Cang” with comprehensive brand development and unique points of view. By cooperating with Hong Kong Cheng Chung Design, VOCUIS interpret the delicate characteristics of Tibetan in the guest journey. The location is only 10 kilometres away from the Jiuzhai Valley Scenic Area, which is the choice of many travelers when they visit Jiuzhaigou.

The newly opened Hotel Indigo Jiuzhai has brought a fashionable and individual atmosphere to the neighborhood The journey begins under the starry sky of a pair of Tibetan grandparents returning home at night. In the extremely mysterious and hidden Zhongcha Valley, they explore the past and heritages of their ancestors. The “Xiangba” (woodcut print), the rich colors of Tibetan, the feathers of the condor, the seasonal changes in Zhongcha Valley, etc… The local unique Tibetan elements can be found in every corner of the hotel. The reception is centred on the central fireplace, which is the welcome area for the guests. The overall space is surrounded by the mysterious blue of the night sky, leading travelers into the daily life of the Tibetans in Zhongcha Valley.

Hotel Indigo Jiuzhai continues the story of life in this hidden valley, showing the colorful nature of Zhongcha Valley and the peace and beauty of Tibetan life.