2016 Creative Expo Taiwan Savors the Rich Eastern Culture and Collaborates with Green-Kin

Since 2014, the Creative Expo Taiwan has reinvented itself with a focus on exhibition by providing a trading platform for cultural and creative products, and connecting production, sales, transport and other sections along with surrounding cultural and creative life circles, thus becoming an icon of Taiwan brands and values, more than just a trade show.

2016 Creative Expo Taiwan showcased the global trend of localization under the theme of “Savoring the Rich Eastern Culture”, presented new interpretations of Chinese quality lifestyle, brought new ideas in the exchange between the east and the west, and introduced modern eastern aesthetics to the world.

Working with GREEN-KIN, this Expo took cages with distinctive oriental style as the main design concept in showcasing each unique exhibit, rendering a visual effect featuring the past and present life, and the eastern and western styles. Ms. Stephanie Wen, famous host of “Taipei InDesign”, was also present in exhibition to have an interview with Ms. Zhang Lijun, chief designer of this Expo, who shared her unique design language of artistic jewelry works.