Xunliao Bay AVIC Real Estate Yuanyuhai Projects

It’s my second visit to Xunliao Bay, a beautiful place known as the Maldives of the East! With a long coastline and a vast of beach full of fine white sand, Xunliao Bay is an important resort within three hour drive from the Pearl River Delta region, and also a great place that has attracted many developers. Our client, AVIC Real Estate, is one of the few developers who have well preserved the natural landscape of coats, mountains, lakes and forests in development projects.

Yuhai is a coastal resort center developed by AVIC Real Estate in Xunliao Bay in recent years, and boasts of diversified natural landscape, including coasts, mountains, lakes and forests. There are demands for hotels providing short-term accommodation, apparent hotels and private villas for both residence and investment purposes. Thus, it’s the main task of the VOCUIS team to find a proper position for the future development of Yuhai.

The key task of this project also includes exploration of the abundant natural resources and landscape of Xunliao Bay, its coastline, beach, yachts, small islands, lake cycling, mountains, fishermen and seafood as well as the local culture. Xunliao has a fairly primitive fishermen culture. People live on fishing from generation to generation, and are grateful for the sea and know how to live with nature. They have their unique fishing culture where we got great inspiration.