"Dashi Design Awards" Shanghai Press Conference - Rebranding China's largest Design Awards

The press conference on the new image of the 19th Dashi Award, the most influential design competition in China, was held at Shanghai BETWIN Cultural Creative Park on December 10, 2016. Apart from introduction of the future development trend and new business model of the “Dashi Award”, the press conference unveiled a new brand image and slogan, marking official release of the new image of “Dashi Award”.

As a witness of Chinese influence in design over the past 18 years, the Dashi Award this year (in its19th year) was going to make a number of significant changes with a view to transferring the design value to commercial value and training Chinese design force based on its previous experience in organizing the design competition, thus making the Dashi Award more than a design competition. For this purpose, the organizing committee of the “Dashi Award” worked with VOCUIS in designing a new brand image for the “Dashi Award”. They also planned, organized and released this press conference, making it different from the previous” Dashi Award” press conferences. It’s not only a lovely sensory feast, but also a successful image communication event where the future vision and trend of the “Dashi Award” was accurately expressed

The press conference reached a climax when the new brand image of the “Master Award” was unveiled. The impressively new image was presented in animation, and attracted a flood of people to take photos and record this historic moment. With the release of the new slogan “Best Design, Best You”, the press conference came to an end. Best wishes for the Master Award, which is expected to be the most authoritative design award in China, and develop more talents for the Chinese design industry in the future.