Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung Unveiled, Delivering In-depth Experience of Neighborhood Culture of Kaohsiung

In December2016, the global chained boutique hotel, Hotel Indigo, debuted in Kaohsiung. Themed on “imported goods”, Kaohsiung’s featured harbor culture, the hotel was rated as the most impressive boutique hotel design in 2016.

Hotel Indigo is a high-end boutique hotel brand of the InterContinental Hotels Group.This brand is expanding globally at a rapid speed, from Atlanta to London, New York and Chicago, and from Shanghai to Hong Kong and other cities. It has no customized brand design standard , which focuses on the neighborhood culture of the place where the hotel is located, and transfers it to its own design languages. Thus, each Indigo Hotel across the world has its unique design style.

VOCUIS acted as a story consultant in the design of Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung, assisting with exploration of the harbor cultural elements of Kaohsiung in order to deliver guests pleasant and in-depth experience of the local culture. Many cultural elements (e.g. custom clearance stamps, wooden crates, cans, imported goods and childhood snacks) were linked together through a well-designed storyline. The hotel architectural and interior design teams transferred these elements to a unique design language in combination of both artistic and modern design styles.

If you have a chance to visit Kaohsiung, VOCUIS sincerely invites you to stay at Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung. At this elaborately designed Indigo Hotel, you can explore the local neighborhood culture in a refreshingly new prospective, and have a special and different experience.