Press Conference to Introduce the19th National Design Master Award, "CowParade" Creative Design Competition

The press conference to introduce the19th National Design Master Award,”CowParade” Creative Design Competition was held at the Eslite Spectrum Suzhou in the city of Suzhou, China on May 6, 2017.The Master Award this year highlighted its collaboration with CowParade to gather both parties together in an effort to share cooperative ideas. Three industrial leaders were invited to share their experience and craftsmanship in brand building. VOCUIS assisted the Master Award sponsor in planning this press conference, and provided visual image design services. Various interesting activities were organized and left a deep impression to audiences.

Apart from introduction of the Master New Graduate Award and the competition agenda, the collaboration with CowParade attracted a lot of media attention. In this event, Chinese artists and designers showcased their creativity, brought Chinese creative ideas to the world famous IP “CowParade” and displayed the gist of the Master Award, realizing the commercial value of design.

Mr. Wang Lijiang, founder of Fountown, Ms. Leng Yuxuan, an advocate for artistic, fashionable and aesthetic life/founder of COSMO Love, and Mr. Song Yuanbo, an advocate for Chinese vegetarian lifestyle /founder of Greenology/Jujube Tree, were invited to share their personal experience and craftsmanship in brand building, which greatly inspired audiences.