Hotel Indigo Yongqing Fang, experience the charming lifestyle of Xiguan.

Hotel Indigo Yongqing Fang is located in Enning Road, Liwan District, the most beautiful arcade street in Guangzhou. In 2016, the first phase of the Yongqing Fang project opened while the second phase of Yongqing Fang started a renovation plan in 2018.

VOCUIS is responsible for the preliminary development of the second phase of the Yongqing Fang renovation project. According to the general requirements of “old city, new vitality”, VOCUIS connects with the story elements of the first phase of the Yongqing Fang project and digs in-depth into the lifestyle of the Enning neighborhood from a new perspective to generate the inspiration for guest experience design.

Taking the “Mingling Street” as the main axis, it connects with the lifestyle of entertainment of Jinsheng Cinema, the cuisine of Xiguan, and the heritage of Kung Fu arts, which brings inspiration to the design agency. By combining the heritage and the modern, the image of Guangzhou city has become concrete, leading travelers to experience an authentic Guangzhou lifestyle.

Hotel Indigo Yongqing Fang brings travelers to pass through the past time of Xiguan in the 1930s, immerse in the film rolls, shuttle through the colorful streets and alleys with actors, return to Bruce Lee’s hometown, which is filled with the beauty of craftsmanship, and enjoy the charming Xiguan livelihood in Guangzhou.