Case Study

Brand Re-building and Activation for the Chinese Design Award of 18 Years

Dashi Award was originated in the first National Student Visual Design Competition in 1998, which was the top design award event in China. The Award has evolved from a design competition oriented to students, finally named as Dashi Award, and then to a competition that allows participation professional designers in the industry. It has high popularity and credibility in the industry and academic design field and is a top design award in China.Today, when entering the 18th, the brand-new overall image of Dashi Award is jointly designed by VOCUIS and Dashi Award Organizing Committee. In addition to building a new identification image, they also planned and implemented the press conference for the new Dashi Award so that the brand-new Dashi Award will have a more professional and communicating image which will be deeply imprinted in people’s mind.

Dashi Award – the witness of influences of Chinese design over the past 18 years

Either in cooperation with Shanghai World Expo to deepen the international impression of China, or with the Olympic Games to contribute to the Olympic spirit, Dashi Award, in the past 18 years in China’s important development stages, has witnessed the influence of Chinese designs while becoming the most important design award in Chinese academic area.

Redesigning the Identification Image of Dashi Award

When facing the new transformation of the business model, Dashi Award has announced a brand-new identification image. The new image appeared in the shocking animation in the press conference, and the audience picked up their phones to record the historic moment.The primary colours of the identification image are red and golden, while the auxiliary colour is black. Red is for the new award that symbolizes the enthusiasm and the ambition of the young designers; gold is for the classic award that represents the classic and paragon; while black represents the authority of design.

New Dashi Award That Re-activate the Brand

With a history of 18 years, Dashi Award is the most influential design award in China. However, the design award should advance with the development of the trend of times. Once the information of brand communication and brand positioning change, the brand communication touch points should also be adjusted to meet the changes and to activate the brand.
The new Dashi Award embeds the practical value of design into the DNA of the award. It is intended to compliment the works and designers that support industrial implementation, commercial development and extensibility, provide the essential resources needed by implementation, and help publication of excellent designs. It also maximizes the business and application value of good designs, rather than only as the trophy and bonus, and enables the overall results of the design competition to be turned into market value. The designs and people that create market values, are the best reflections of this year’s slogan of Dashi Award, “Best Design, Best You”.


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Except the identification logo, the brand maintenance and operation is an important approach to stimulate clients’ experience. Brand activities may activate the brand, accumulate clients’ loyalty, and inject emotional soul into the brand logo, which helps to enhance the brand.