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An Old Town - Lijiang, the older and more energetic.

The Old Town of Lijiang is located at Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. Lijiang is situated at the prefecture-level city of north region of Yunnan province. Located at the south rim of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau at the altitude of 2,400 meters for 800 years, it has been listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO for its unique, strong culture and rich topographic hydrology. It is an old town, the older and more energetic.
When INDIGO hotel came to Old Town of Lijiang, we established HOTEL INDIGO LIJIANG, a high-end boutique hotel located at the Old Town of Lijiang with 800 years history. HOTEL INDIGO LIJIANG, inspired by the Ancient Tea Horse Road of the neighbourhood culture in Lijiang, provides the customers with such a sense of traversing as they would pass by the historical figures and events. Then or Now, they may feel the lingering charm of history and atmosphere of humanism, as well as the old town and unique charming provided by HOTEL INDIGO LIJIANG.

Rich culture and beautiful outlook to be extracted accuratelyFind the different DNA of INDIGO LIJIANG

With 800 years’ history, Lijiang has a number of stories itself. There the special scenic spots as Naxi, Dongba culture, Yulong Snow Mountain, Ancient Tea Horse road, Old Wooden Town..., as well as many elements like rich history, humanities, nature, all of which strongly impress on visitors. Naturally, how to pick up the greatest one among such elements and create the own characteristics around other hotels becomes an extreme hard work.

Research & Analysis

Storyline Development
History And Geography Research
Culture study
Brand Attribute / Culture Development
Brand Storyline Core Value Development
Develop Brand storyline tag line

Industry Study
Competitor Analysis
Global & Local Market Evaluation
Opportunity Analysis
Market Research

Strategy & Concept

Story Board Development
Story Concept And Manifesto
Brand Culture And Value Appreciation
Onto Imagery And Design

Story Touchpoints
Brand Storyline Core Value Development

Brand Expression & Imagery Development
Create Brand Expression
Visual Expression Imagery Development
Expression Imagery Extension Concepts

Design Direction

Design Elements
Brand Book
Brand Image Development
Story Copywriting

Brand Extension Design
Key Visual Design
Conceptual Development
Collateral Design

Focus on the communication core advantage

VOCUIS looks around the Lijiang competition environment where the beautiful culture attracts visitors and many inns and international hotels come to develop. To win in the competitive environment, HOTEL INDIGO LIJIANG must build a clear and unique brand image which is distinct from the images and concepts of competitors in this place.
Accordingly, VOCUIS provides a comprehensive design plan for the overall brand development of HOTEL INDIGO LIJIANG. At the early stage of market survey, VOCUIS came to Lijiang, Yunnan and explored local culture and peculiarities. They visited every corner here and chatted with the older of Dongba region to explore the special neighbourhood culture surrounding the hotel. After deep communications, VOCUIS finally created the unique brand story of HOTEL INDIGO LIJIANG and the Visual image of special theme.
Digging Outstanding Part of INDIGO Lijiang

When performing culture analysis and clearing at the early stage, VOCUIS team made the collection, clearing up and arrangement of second-hand materials in an initial coverage, to expect to know the culture nature of Lijiang from various aspects; then, they visited the actual project site and found there are many story elements in Lijiang, like the special scenic spots and humanities, nature as Naxi, Dongba Culture, Yulong Snow Mountain, Ancient Tea Horse Road, Old Wooden Town...
After months of exploration, selection, and discussion with IHG team, we found that the location of current INDIGO Lijiang was the post at the past silk road; so inspired by the caravan story and spirit of the people doing business or transporting goods on the silk road, we took it into the hotel frame, creating the “Ancient Tea Horse Road’, an very attractive story combined with insightful background theme. The spirit bearing thousands of glory time in Lijiang, today, it presents a totally different new concept.
Redefining the Ancient Tea Horse Road

VOCUIS further explored the story of “Ancient Tea Horse Road” by widely collecting elements related to caravan and Ancient Tea Horse Road and using the customer experience trip tool to achieve the contextualization of the flow when customers come to experience the hotel. By extracting and refining potential elements, using creative transformation, and thinking about the possible touch points transformed from the elements in the trip, VOCUIS was intended to provide a completely new amazing surprise for customers.

Loyal to Brand-centred Experience and Presenting Comprehensive Brand Concept

Finally, VOCUIS recommended that HOTEL INDIGO LIJIANG adopt “Ancient Tea Horse Road’ as its core brand concept, and successfully created and built the theme style and complete brand strategy for HOTEL INDIGO LIJIANG, enabling visitors coming for a rest to experience the beautiful historical Lijiang at every place, bright and brave caravan as well as impetuous and solemn Yulong snow mountain. Everything here bears profound memory points.

Building HOTEL INDIGO as one of the most popular hotels in Greater China

The successful case as HOTEL INDIGO LIJIANG promotes closer cooperation between VOCUIS and IHG. They have successfully built HOTEL INDIGO into one of the most popular hotels in Greater China. VOCUIS has provided support for more different HOTEL INDIGO to build the delivering basis for brand communications to enable every visitor staying here to experience the unique brand spirit which is transformed and presented at every corner through the brand touch points.
vocuis indigolijiang brand strategy–2200px 02 2011 uai

透過長達8個月周密研究分析及數百頁策略建立成功創造並建立了麗江英迪格酒店HOTEL INDIGO LIJIANG 的主題風格與完整的品牌策略.

vocuis indigolijiang brand strategy–2200px 04 2011 1 uai
vocuis indigolijiang brand strategy–2200px 11 2011 uai
vocuis indigolijiang brand strategy–2200px 12 2011 uai
vocuis indigolijiang brand strategy–2200px 18 2011 uai
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vocuis indigolijiang brand strategy–2200px 04 2011 uai
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VOCUIS creates unique and memorable hotel experiencefor each HOTEL INDIGO hotel.

Each HOTEL INDIGO has many stories.These stories may happen at the original site of the hotel, or its surrounding streets, and they are fermenting as time goes by, becoming more precious. All HOTEL INDIGO hotels are located at local famous culture regions to fully show the local regional features. As for the building styles and internal decorations, HOTEL INDIGO, with its great originality, is designed and combined with local culture to build such a staying space with which the visitors and owners are so fascinated. Therefore, you will never find exactly the same two HOTEL INDIGO hotels. Staying at HOTEL INDIGO, customers may enjoy high-quality hotel living and gain a new and unforgettable experience.

VOCUIS, as the creative design development partner of IHG INDIGO, leads all members in other consultant creative teams to create brand stories and explore many beautiful stories for every entrusted INDIGO hotel from selection of story elements, theme positioning to conversion of design concepts, enabling visitors to experience its brand spirit and acting as the guidance for hotel space design and marketing strategies.






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