Case Study

Avic LUSHAN Site Development

Avic LUSHAN Site Development, located in Xingzi County, Jiangxi Province, is one of tourism and leisure resort projects developed by Avic Group, and also another brand strategy planning project of VOCUIS for Avic Group following the Avic Yuan Yuhai project. From background study to field survey, VOCUIS explored the core development of Lushan Site project and the possibilities of various business strategies. VOCUIS gave recommendations on developing suitable industries and brands and resources for settlement, learning Lushan Site's unique neighborhood culture, and extracting unique charm of the cultural imprint from the rich cultural material elements to establish a unique theme of development, enhance the tourism depth of Lushan Site, and interpret the significance and style of Lushan Site.

Inspiration:Isolated Peach Garden

It's our wish to create such a first impression for visitors that they would be in an ancient Chinese landscape painting after entering into this place, which enables them to explore an isolated peach garden far away from real world.

Experience the cultural customs and find out the differences between ideals and reality.

Through field research, the VOCUIS team got a deeper understanding of the local culture. We collected a variety of valuable information as the development points in all phases of brand building.

A tourism and leisure resort integrating culture, history and nature

In the process of brand building, VOCUIS carried out market and product positioning and analysis, and then proposed a new perspective to operate the tourism market by means of systematically preserving the original natural conditions and local characteristics of Lushan Site, and making them more suitable to the market through innovative transformation, which is an indicator for the brand development strategy of Lushan Site, as well as the distinctive feature of the project, thus opening a new chapter for the Chinese tourism market.


Research & Analysis

Site Pre-survey / Background Study Survey
Site Background Study Survey
Inspecting Tour And Interview Plan
Neighbourhood Culture Study
Data Research & Analysis

Homogeneous Brands / Competitors Information
Mainly Homogeneous Brands / Competitors Survey
The Main Competition Products
Market Products segmentation

Site Development Theme And Analysis
Develop Brand Storyline Tag Line


Identify Positioning

Market Positioning Analysis
Audit Brand_The Current Market
Analysis Market
Selected Advantages
Market Re-Positioning
Product Positioning Analysis

Analyze The Products Of The Target Market And Own Brand
Audit_Products Analysis Charts
Compare With Competitors_Product Features-bar charts

Product Re-Positioning
Brands Positioning Strategy
Content And Purpose of Positioning
Review Brand Positioning Requirements
Brand Re-positioning Strategy


Site Strategy

Brand DNA / Brand Vision / Brand Value
Brand DNA
Clarify The Brand DNA
Audit The Brand’s Rational/Emotional Key Elements
Create Brand ESSENCE

Brand Vision(Slogan)
Clarify The Brand Vision, Goals, Values ​And Capabilities
Create Brand Vision
Create Brand Slogan

Brand Value
Clarify And Develop The Brand Core Value
Make The target Consumer Recognize and Love It


Design Direction

Establish The Direction Of The Site
Brand Storyline Core Value Development
Find The Design Material According to Culture And Storyline

Brand Touchpoints
Audit Currently Touchpoints
List And Suggestions
Story Touchpoints
Merchants & Brands Planning

Design Elements
Brand Culture And Value Appreciation Onto Imagery And Design
Expression Imagery Extension Concepts

A customer experience journey of modern Lushan local culture

VOCUIS took the customer experience journey as a tool to describe the entire experience process of the new brand, and integrated the research on neighborhood cultural elements of Lushan Site into the whole customer experience process before starting innovative transformation. In its study, VOCUIS proposed some themed stories of ancient Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi, the Bodhidharma, and ancient Chinese hermit Tao Yuanming, and explained the linkage between the living culture of those heroes and the customer experience, and therefore developed many interesting brand touching points. These efforts of cultural exploration laid a foundation for the design style of the Lushan Site development project.
vocuis lushan site development branding–2295px 01 2016 uai

Witness many possibilities of brand building and study the unique value of local cultural tourism.

Every touching point customized by VOCUIS for Lushan Site is able to touch the inner heart of travelers, and every touch is a boost to the value of the brand. It's very likely that people would fall in love with Lushan Mountain after an experience with Lushan Site. The brand is designed to deliver appropriate perception to the right people, simultaneously building up brand recognition.