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INOTEC Fitness

INOTEC, a Switzerland-based fitness equipment brand, was planning to develop the market of Mainland China in the near future. What it needed most was a product catalog that conformed to the brand image and could attract Chinese consumers. 
We are greatly impressed by INOTEC's efforts in innovating, researching and developing fitness products and creating amazing product appearance. This cooperation with VOCUIS is expected to be the first step of INOTEC to attract customers by means of branding and design.

We build unique brand identities and imagery creating extraordinary brand experiences.


Research & Analysis

Industry Study
Consumer Research
Global & Local Market Evaluation
Opportunity Analysis
Market Research


Design Development

Brand Image
Conceptual Development
Idea Generation
Visualize Trend & Styles
Examine Applicability
Design & Production


Brand Imagery

Corporate Profile
Product Catalogue
Prospectus & Brochures
Marketing Collateral

vocuis inotec brand design–2292px 03 2017 uai

INOTEC Fitness

In recent years, sports have become popular and the brands of fitness equipment emerged in large quantities, especially in the Chinese market where competition is intense. How could INOTEC attract Chinese customers while maintaining its advantage of Swiss roots? To find the answer to this question, VOCUIS performed multiple rounds of discussions with the brand owner, and got an in-depth understanding of the corporate culture and spirit of INOTEC. Finally, we created a graphic design with flexible techniques, which well reflects the high-quality and unique Swiss brand in an orderly manner, and brings a refreshing feeling to Chinese consumers.
vocuis inotec brand design–2292px 04 2017 uai
vocuis inotec brand design–2292px 05 2017 uai
vocuis inotec brand design–2292px 06 2017 uai

INOTEC Fitness

After repeated discussions and professional analysis on the brand, VOCUIS designed an brand visual image for INOTEC that is suitable for the Asian market. The brand image reflects the professionalism and in-depth technical experience of the brand in the industry with a low profile, differentiating the brand from other international brands, and helping the brand to continue its development in the international market as a leading brand.
vocuis inotec brand design–2292px 07 2017 uai
vocuis inotec brand design–2292px 08 2017 uai

INOTEC Fitness

INOTEC is specialized in engineering, manufacturing and marketing high quality commercial strength equipment for fitness clubs, medical and paramedical operators, schools, hotels, companies, consumers.