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With the advent of Industry 4.0, the application of artificial intelligence is becoming a trend. HIWIN, the largest manufacturer of precision linear motion control products in Taiwan, started its development many years ago; however, as the product technology became mature, its brand image was not satisfactory any longer. For a decade, it hasn't updated its brand image, which couldn't reflect the brand positioning of HIWIN anymore. Therefore, VOCUIS was commissioned by Taiwan Design Center to assist HIWIN in reshaping its brand.

We build unique brand identities and imagery creating extraordinary brand experiences.


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vocuis hiwin brand strategy–2292px 02 2016 uai

Reshape the brand in Industry 4.0 and the changing era

Follow the trend of Industry 4.0 and design transformationThrough professional brand check and analysis on STRENGTH MASTER's brand problems, VOCUIS created a new vision with forward-looking thinking for STRENGTH MASTER after several studies. The excellent visual design provided by VOCUIS clearly displays the image of STRENGTH MASTER, and delivers consistent market communication information. VOCUIS brought a totally new look to the brand, and made it a desirable and trusted leading brand in the industry that is open to the whole world.
vocuis hiwin brand strategy–2292px 10 2016 uai
vocuis hiwin brand strategy–2292px 06 2016 uai
vocuis hiwin brand strategy–2292px 05 2016 uai
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Rebuild the brand with a modern design based on its original core value

For a decade, HIWIN has been facing the rapidly changing times of Industry 4.0. Mechanics become more humanized and intelligent, instead of a cold presence of technology; therefore, manufacturers of professional precision drive parts must adapt their brand positions to the environment in order to keep the brand active in the market.Nevertheless, HIWIN never changed its core value that is people oriented. Therefore, the design goal of brand activation is to deliver the value of humanity in a clearer way, based on which, the VOCUIS design team re-interpreted HIWIN with modern design terms. VOCUIS introduced more human-oriented changes into the identity totem and applied flat design to enable the totem to be understood and read in a diversified way by modern people. The brand identity is also redesigned in a way that can well reflect the people-oriented core value.
vocuis hiwin brand strategy–2292px 09 2016 uai
vocuis hiwin brand strategy–2292px 12 2016 uai

Holistic and consistent design image spirit

VOCUIS' brand designers used the new brand identity system to design application touching points for the brand, from the easy-to-read manual catalog and official website with a focus on experience design to other office supplies management systems. The updated brand image is totally different.
HIWIN, as a pioneer in Taiwan's precision industry, has fully understood that all products are based what people want them to be, so is branding and design. All designs are the result of researches on users' habits, and closely connected with user experience. A good brand recognition and memory could be built among international customers only by discarding the designs that couldn't fully communicate the brand culture, and activating the brand for the current trend.
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vocuis hiwin brand strategy–2292px 08 2016 uai


HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP., founded in 1989, is a Taiwan-based machinery manufacturer, headquartered in Taichung, and the third largest ball screw manufacturer in the world.Zhuo Yongcai, the founder, currently serves as chairman of the company, and Cai Huiqing is the general manager.Currently, HIWIN has offices in China, Japan, USA, Korea, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland and Singapore.