Multiplied image benefits of co-branding

LUREN is the first gear grinding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, and has the technical competition advantage in Asia. With capital injection and resource integration from HIWIN in 2015, the two parties marched into the Chinese and global market by virtue of the joint advantages.VOCUIS was invited to design the brand image and identity for HIWIN and LUREN so as to make the brand cooperation image of both parties more professional and integrated.

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vocuis luren brand design–2292px 08 2016 uai

Attention should be paid to co-branding design style

As the original identity is outdated in the modern design, the cooperation between the two companies requires adjustment of the identity design system. Due to the brand partnership between HIWIN and LUREN, it is also necessary to pay attention the harmony and unity of HIWIN and LUREN in the design, so as to show their international, professional and high-quality image among international exhibitors.
vocuis luren brand design–2292px 02 2016 uai
vocuis luren brand design–2292px 04 2016 uai
vocuis luren brand design–2292px 03 2016 uai
vocuis luren brand design–2292px 05 2016 uai

It was not only the combination of technical strength, but also the multiplication of the brand power.

VOCUIS VOCUIS preserved the identification color of LUREN, red, in the design, and gave the focus to logo redesign.The original logo looked insignificant, while the redesigned logo gives people a strong sense of authority and trust.
In addition, when used in business cards, office supplies, business profiles, catalogs, transportation tools, official website and other media, the identity system is very impressive and eye-catching.
The design gives consideration to the representation and integration of the brand with HIWIN, which not only reflects the combined technical strength of both parties, but also creates a more professional and favorable impression to international buyers or partners., that is the multiplied effect of the image force.
vocuis luren brand design–2292px 06 2016 uai
vocuis luren brand design–2292px 07 2016 uai
vocuis luren brand design–2292px 09 2016 uai


Founded in 1994, Luren started the production of gear cutting tools at Hsinchu Science Industrial Park, Taiwan.The key members who came from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) had hand-on experiences on high technology and high precision machinery to produce aircraft gears and components.LUREN has a set of integrated production, academic, research and development mechanism for the development of high-precision gears. Starting from the establishment of mathematical models, LUREN gradually developed its own unique design software and machine tools required for the development of critical processes.
LUREN joined HIWIN Group in April 2015. With the strength of the key components provided such as balls crews and robotic arms from HIWIN, servo motors from HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM, Luren’s machines have upgraded their automation and intelligent level, fulfilled to be the forefront of the trend in the industry 4.0. Luren has taken a very important step into becoming one of the leaders of the high value-added machine tool manufacturers, in the global smart automation industry.