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Integrating security vision into global market future - brand path of VACRON

Fuho was intended to design and manufacture CCTV and DVR products of different levels. Due to long-term manufacturing and design for brands, Fuho accumulated diversified and complex product specifications and owned strong technologies. FUHO was its self-owned brand. After brand guidance by VOCUIS for two years, from brand inspection, problem discovery, market research, to establishment of brand positioning, brand vision, brand DNA and brand name, and transformation into proper brand design results, VOCUIS laid a solid foundation for creating the new brand "VACRON". VOCUIS helped FUHO get rid of the shrinking environment of industrial manufacturing and seek for permanent operation of the enterprise.


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First step for transformation:

Separate the OEM market from the self-owned brand market.

Before VOCUIS introduced the thorough brand guidance, Fuho used the brand name "FUHO" as its self-owned brand for selling products. "FUHO" was used both for self-owned brand and OEM business. Though the brand enabled sharing of internal resources (like employees), it resulted in no division of labour and confusion by external customers.
At the beginning of the brand guidance, VOCUIS proposed separation of the OEM market and the self-owned brand market. In organization, the two markets could be operated by professional staff; in operation, the two markets were responsible for their own profits and losses and became two separate profit centres. Therefore, the first step for transformation was to enable Fuho determine the differences between the OEM and self-owned brand markets and completely divide the operational resources for the two markets./span>

Second step for transformation:

Build the meaning and logo image of the new brand.

The brand name of FUHO was reserved for the OEM market because OEM customers were more familiar with the name of FUHO. With brand asset accumulation in the OEM market for many years, FUHO is bound to be used in the OEM market. While the separated self-owned brand market needs a new brand for operation.
To create a new brand is a huge project. First of all, you must lay a foundation for the new brand from the inside out, from determining basic features of the brand such as the brand positioning, brand vision and brand DNA, to developing the brand name and building a unique name and characteristics for the brand, which can be used as the meaning of the new brand’s name. Then, the brand logo can be developed and an impressive totem can be designed.

Third step for transformation:

Turn “transformation barriers” into “transformation advantages”.

Like many OEMs, due to long-term original equipment manufacturing for brands, Fuho accumulated strong technical asset yet with diverse complicated product specifications, which didn't seem to be a bless in terms of brand development. However, when VOCUIS further investigated the development of the security industry, we found that security industry had infiltrated into every corner of people’s lives and an assortment of security troubles and problems remained to be solved. The past experience of original equipment manufacturing of Fuho became an advantage then, because Fuho had access to various experienced security markets and was good at problem solving. In this sense, the previous “transformation barriers” were changed into “transformation advantages”.
It was VOCUIS's suggestion that VACRON should further explore market demands, recognise a niche market through market segmentation and compile multiple total solutions based on the niche market with proper product portfolios. The next question was market validation and alignment in different models so that the new brand "VACRON" could become the high-value brand line of the enterprise and thus improve the competitive power of the enterprise brand.

Innovative vision and guardian experts

By analysing the brand DNA, we ran comprehensive content analysis on market characteristics targeting the brand itself and targeted customer group, extracted brand DNA keywords of VACRON and came up with the brand slogan and vision: "Having vast vision for security surveillance, possessing application technologies and resources, and becoming the wise choice of guardian experts in the next generation of security surveillance industry in the world."

Experience the entire transformation of the brand from inside out with vast vision targeting global markets.

Created a new brand with Fuho, planned high-value products and used the new brand to realize the successful transformation from OEM to OBM, get rid of the manufacturing environment with narrow margin, and build the brand VACRON. Considering that Fuho was an OEM, we needed to establish a brand architecture, set product lines of different levels for different products when planning product positioning, then determine separate images of Fuho and VACRON by visual designs, and design brand touch points for VACRON including VI, packaging, exhibitions and DM, establishing the unified and consistent market communication information.
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VOCUIS is dedicated to helping Strength Master transform its self-owned brand.Create a unique brand style

Manufacturers from Taiwan boast of experienced technology and high-quality manufacturing capabilities. Some of them are thinking about how to transform, others about how to improve their images, which are closely related to the topic of brand building. Thanks to its rich experience in brand guiding, VOCUIS has offered help to many manufacturers from Taiwan to successfully transform and enhance their brand images. VOCUIS, as their brand design partner, gradually guides their management teams to establish required various elements for the brands. From market survey, brand strategy positioning, conceptual development to brand touch point design, VOCUIS is tailored to meet the individual need of each customer and makes brand strategy a part of corporate growth strategy, along with customers growth.