Case Study

For a decade, VOCUIS has witnessed Strength Master's development from an OEM to expansion of the brand layout.

Strength Master was founded in 1994 and devotes itself to the development and production of professional fitness equipment. The Company has advanced R&D technology besides excellent manufacturing technology, and has gained many international proprietary technologies. Its products and technologies have been recognized by many international awards.
With profound technology backgrounds which naturally build a solid basis for brand building, Strength Master discloses its transformation expectation to VOCUIS. Since that the two companies built a long-term cooperative relationship. During the ten years, Strength Master has successfully transformed twice and VOCUIS helped Strength Master to find a clear brand strategy direction by professional brand verification and guidance.

VOCUIS helped to prepare the brand logo standard and applied it to the product catalog and exhibition design. In the brand transformation, VOCUIS created a brand image for Strength Master in the field of fitness equipment.










Audit & Identify

Industry Analysis
Brand / Product Audit

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Business Audit

Focus Group Discussions


Research & Analysis

Market Position
Brand DNA / Vision / Value


Brand System
Brand Architecture

Brand Touchpoints & Experience
Identity Formation


Design & Production

Corporate Image
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The first brand transformation:

From OEM to a self-owned brand

It is not easy for an OEM to develop its own brand. The first step is to change the customer group and determine the product line. After a professional brand verification, VOCUIS gave guidance to Strength Master in re-positioning the customer group and product line of the new brand. Finally, Strength Master was smoothly transformed to a professional manufacturer of fitness equipment for aerobic exercise and built its own brand Strength Master, with its sales covering all over the world. VOCUIS helped to prepare brand logo standards and applied it to product catalog and exhibition design. In the brand transformation, VOCUIS created a brand image for Strength Master in the field of fitness equipment.

The second brand transformation:

Expansion of self-owned brand layout

After years of rapid development, with increase of the sales volume of brand operation, and merger of business entities and other brands, Strength Master has reached its group scale with continuous development of businesses.
VOCUIS, by using a brand management system, helped to determine the overall brand structure of Strength Master, re-position the enterprise brand and product brands, provide strategic suggestions on the future brand development and touchpoints to build a brand consideration model for brand personnel of Strength Master.

Brand Words & Vision

Strengthen Your Inner Master

From OEM to establishment of self-owned brands and group brand, from product manufacturing to combination with software, for a decade, VOCUIS has been transforming and enlarging its layout. Fortunately, VOCUIS has always been along with Strength Master.


List the internal and external conditions for developing the self-owned brand of Strength Master, including advantages, brand communications objects etc., to serve as the basis for developing brand strategies.


Based on the brand positioning strategy, the designers developed proper design communication language, including naming, Logo font and brand marketing materials etc.


Prepare a range of new brand management standards to ensure that Strength Master may use conforming communication tone to talk with customers in future.


Determine the market positions and compartment brands of the three brands under Strength Master group, namely Strength Master, LineSpan, and IHP.


Integrate Strength Master’s brands of fitness equipment and IHP health cloud, compartment different potential niche markets for the layout of the brands during subsequent entrance to the market of cloud health.


Aiming at the integrated niche market, provide the customer journey-experience workshop for internal brand personnel of Strength Master, introduce the concept of customer experience and brand touchpoints for the internal band personnel of Strength Master, and counsel its brand team to establish the thought pattern of design thinking.

Strengthen Your Inner Master Strengthening the brand essence from inside to outside to create a brand image with unique charming

VOCUIS has introduced comprehensive brand management into Strength Master Technology for more than 10 years. It assisted Strength Master Technology to position its business in different market compartments on the basis of its value-oriented thinking model, to grow up and stabilize its brand value and to grasp the clear brand image opening to the future global health/fitness/body shaping market; therefore, Strength Master Technology can achieve its brand vision step by step through leaning its technology and product quality and focusing on accurate target customers from the inside out.
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We create brand identitiesand visuals for extraordinarybrand experiences.

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VOCUIS is dedicated to helping Strength Master transform its own brand customers.Create a unique brand style

Manufacturers from Taiwan boast experienced technology and high-quality manufacturing capabilities. Some of them are thinking about how to transform, others about how to improve their images, which are closely related to the topic of brand building. Thanks to its rich experience in brand guiding, VOCUIS has offered help to many manufacturers from Taiwan to successfully transform and enhance their brand images. VOCUIS, as their brand design partner, gradually guides their management teams to establish required various elements for the brands. From market survey, brand strategy positioning, conceptual development to brand touchpoint design, VOCUIS is tailored to meet the individual need of each customer and makes brand strategy a part of corporate growth strategy, along with customers growth.


Strength Master was founded in 1994 and devote to develop and produce professional fitness equipment. The Company has advanced R&D technologies and excellent manufacturing technologies and has gained many international proprietary technologies. Its products and technologies have been affirmed by many international awards.
The main products of Strength Master are manufacturing, trading and export business of electric treadmills, trainers, racing cars, elliptical machines, vibration machines, stretching machines and so on. By the end of 2015, the annual production capacity of electric treadmills was 111700 sets, racing cars, 40,896 sets, fitness equipment, and 31,590 sets.
In recent years, apart from the research and development of fitness equipment, Strength Master International has also entered the healthcare industry, which occupies a scale of trillion dollars in the global market. It has invested in developing Apps, linking products with Bluetooth, and connecting to the Interactive Health Advisor system (IHP) approved by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for reading, storing and transmitting athletic information; meanwhile, it can combine fitness instructors and medical personnel, design personalized exercise prescriptions and provide healthcare products and health promotion & health care services for rehabilitation centres, hospitals, fitness centres, hotels, schools, companies, public agencies, families and other places, and therefore, it has become the only enterprise that has entered the health service industry from the domestic fitness equipment industry.
Recently, WPS of "Life Span" brand (fitness equipment suitable for work and exercise) has obtained the procurement program from the governments or famous enterprises such as the White House, Google, Amazon and 3M, and it suddenly becomes the offbeat light of Taiwan.