Case Study

Highly recommended certification of high-quality local agricultural products: Taitung Essence

The diversified cultures and geographical conditions of Taitung promote the development of its tourism industry, of which agricultural products and handicrafts are the most important souvenirs and gifts of Taitung.The government of Taitung has been aware of its importance and began to emphasize it and promote the development of its tourism and agricultural products. It hopes to push Taitung to the world through brand building and marketing.
Thus, the "Taitung Essence" project was launched.Undertaken by TDC, it started to assist Taitung handicraft and agricultural manufacturers to select excellent "goods" as the representatives of Taitung. It spent several months recruiting many professional design teams, to create more chances for the development of “goods” by designing products and packages. VOCUIS team was entrusted with the task of examining Taitung government’s certification mark - "Taitung Essence” and work on its further brand development and building.

Focus on the unique features of Taitung, grasp the shaping space of traditional local industry, build the brand image of “Taitung Essence”, promote its brand value towards the international effect out of the limit of villages and towns.

Taitung is the third largest county with the longest coastline in Taiwan. Since it is located in the tropical climatic area and close to the mountains and sea, Taitung is abundant in natural resources. It maintains a number of natural and cultural preserves and rich in different kinds of agricultural special local products. Thanks to its relatively late development, Taiwan's native aboriginal culture is preserved. As many as Taitung's six ethnic groups accounting for over 30% of Taitung's population, with the highest percentage in Taiwan, and the number of its prehistoric sites also list the top in Taiwan.It is VOCUIS's major and biggest challenge to deepen and extract those exclusive features of Taitung out of such rich resources and diverse cultures.


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Building Brand Strategies

Taitung possesses rich and clean natural products and attractive humanities and arts, and it should establish a young, modern and international communication language to spread its brand charm to the outside world.
Development of design concept

The first sunrise in Taiwan is from Taitung, which symbolizes Taiwan's Essence, breeding its vitality. You can also find it in many aborigines totem and have resonance.
Implementation of Design

Build the essence of Taitung with the "vitality of the sun", including the logo, package, and publicity material, make the image of Taitung more through brand packaging of "Taitung Essence".

Exploring the profound and attractive connotation of Taitung

We know that Taitung has rich cultural elements, but it is challenging to extract the most representative elements of “Taitung Essence”.The brand building of “Taitung Essence” is required to have resonance with the public, but the real challenge is how to create new inspiration. In addition to collecting plenty of materials, VOCUIS also came to Taitung for field survey.In the preliminary work, we found that the earliest Taiwanese were bred in Taitung (Changbin cultural people at old stone age), the first sunlight of Taiwan rose from Sanxiantai, abundant species were living here, and Taitung bred the beginning of everything. Taking from nature and returning to nature were actually taking place here. Therefore, VOCUIS put such spirit as the brand vision foundation of "Taitung Essence".

Improving the brand value and walking out of villages and towns

The first step for "Taitung Essence" to step out is the "TAIWAN DESIGN EXPO", which was held in Taitung in the early August, 2014. It was planned and successfully implemented by TDC at a sugar factory of Taitung.Considering the practical application and the international market promotion, focusing on the customs and value of Taitung, and looking at the tradition and the shaping space of local industries, VOCUIS built the brand image of "Taitung Essence" to increase the brand value and bring the local and traditional industries out of the villages and towns. "Taitung Essence" showed its most brilliant shine and became the origin for building local brand goods and led Taitung to the world. 
vocuis taitung brand strategy design 4583px 03 2014 uai

We build unique brand identities and imagery creating extraordinary brand experiences.

vocuis taitung brand strategy design 4583px 14 2014 uai
vocuis taitung brand strategy design 4583px 12 2014 uai
vocuis taitung brand strategy design 4583px 13 2014 uai
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The『 Taitung Essence 』certification represents a kind of honour.VOCUIS creates dedicated honour badge for every hard-working employee.

『 Taitung Essence 』 starts with the intent to drive development of local industries by the power of the government. Taitung is located at the east most of Taiwan, with excellent mountains and waters, and is a gift of the god. Due to its priorities in natural environment and without industrial pollution, there are abundant and rich local agricultural products, including Chishang rice, Daylily, Roselle flowers, Fu Lu Tea, and Custard apples. Ten brands are selected by government agencies each year and the design company recommended by TDC will design unique trademarks and packages for each brand.

The role of VOCUIS in this project is to design the certification mark of 『 Taitung Essence 』 for the Taitung government, to translate Taitung’s spirit and culture into a design presentation, and create honour badges for all hard-working staff.