Space challenge of building the international image for a local headset brand

Founded in 2010, SpearX has a group of professional technicians and R&D staffs who have accumulated more than 35 years of experience in headset production, research and development, and are able to meet the production requirements of many international brands. In the Taipei showroom, the first SpearX flagship store after brand was built, VOCUIS created a new retail environment experience, which is different from the ordinary headset retail space in market, enabling SpearX to deliver a new visual and auditory experience that is more technology-oriented.

We build unique brand identities and imagery creating extraordinary brand experiences.


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vocuis spearx brand design–2292px 01 2006 uai
vocuis spearx brand design–2292px 02 2006 uai
vocuis spearx brand design–2292px 03 2006 uai

Create a unique modeling space to deliver special customer experience.

SpearX commissioned VOCUIS the design and construction of a new brand flagship store in Taipei in the hope of starting its development in other cities with this brand image and features.At the same time, we had to create a unique modeling space to deliver special customer experience and showcase different products, and make the most out of the limited space. Finally, we made SpearX an international brand that is modern, technology-oriented, professional and unique.
vocuis spearx brand design–2292px 04 2006 uai
vocuis spearx brand design–2292px 05 2006 uai

Added an interaction area for electronic gaming products to better customer auditory.

VOCUIS was challenged to create a scientific space by making good use of materials instead of colors. We applied such materials as artificial stones and stainless steel to increase the brightness of the space in an innovative way, and expanded the limited space by means of line design. Moreover, we made use of the wall, which was designed into a product display area. In addition, we added an interaction area for electronic gaming products to better customer auditory and visual experience.
vocuis spearx brand design–2292px 06 2006 uai

SpearX Headphones

As a professional headset brand in Taiwan, SpearX has more than 35 years of R&D experience in headset manufacturing technology, and has been engaged in sound optimization and technology advancement with a view to expanding the high-end headset market with high-quality headset products.