Case Study

A new hotel under an old brand: Brand activation for Grand Skylight Hotel

With a history of nearly 30 years, Grand Skylight Hotel is a hotel brand owned by Avic Group, and the second hotel brand built by the Group after Shenzhen Shanghai Hotel. Though it has some historical roots and popularity in China, Grand Skylight Hotel has to activate its brand in order to survive in the changing times. VOCUIS laid out the brand's current conditions for Grand Skylight Hotel, and analyzed the market environment faced by the brand. By filtering the merits and demerits of the brand and retaining its core value, VOCUIS redefined the brand of Grand Skylight Hotel, provided recommendations on the improvement of the brand touching points, and compiled the brand handbook, with a view to making the brand more acceptable by consumers in the new era, and improving the brand experience.

Thorough and detailed brand exploration

During the brand exploration for Grand Skylight Hotel, VOCUIS made many efforts, from internal interviews to collection and analysis of competitors' and consumers' data, from study of the brand's culture value to consumer market segmentation and analysis of core value of 43 competing brands for the purpose of getting a better understanding of the customer and their competitors before starting brand activation.


Research & Analysis

Competitor Analysis
Consumer Research
Global & Local Market Evaluation
Opportunity Analysis
Market Research
Neighbourhood Culture Study

Project Development Theme And Analysis
Develop Brand Storyline Tag Line

Meetings & Workshops
Focus Group Discussions


Identify Positioning

Market Positioning Analysis
Audit Brand_The Current Market
Analysis Market
Selected Advantages
Market Re-Positioning
Product Positioning Analysis

Analyze The Products Of The Target Market And Own Brand
Audit_Products Analysis Charts
Compare With Competitors_Product Features-bar charts

Product Re-Positioning
Brands Positioning Strategy
Content And Purpose of Positioning
Review Brand Positioning Requirements
Brand Re-positioning Strategy


Project Strategy

Brand DNA / Brand Vision / Brand Value
Brand DNA
Clarify The Brand DNA
Audit The Brand’s Rational/Emotional Key Elements
Create Brand ESSENCE

Brand Vision(Slogan)
Clarify The Brand Vision, Goals, Values ​And Capabilities
Create Brand Vision
Create Brand Slogan

Brand Value
Clarify And Develop The Brand Core Value
Make The target Consumer Recognize and Love It

Brand Architecture
Brand Structure


Design Direction

Establish The Direction Of The Site
Brand Storyline Core Value Development
Find The Design Material According to Culture And Storyline

Brand Touchpoints
Audit Currently Touchpoints
List And Suggestions
Story Touchpoints

Design Elements
Brand Culture And Value Appreciation Onto Imagery And Design
Expression Imagery Extension Concepts


VOCUIS specified the brand position of"Grand Skylight Hotel", carried out comprehensive assessment on the current situation of the project products, explored the preferences of the target consumers in choosing hotels, and gradually identified potential customers. Based our survey on competing hotels of the same level in the market, we found out the regional advantage of Grand Skylight Hotel of being a Chinese national hotel, that provides guests a home from home.
In the process of analysis and exploration, we further analyzed the target customers, explored their brand experience with Grand Skylight Hotel, and then looked into the benefits to different groups of customers, which was used as the basis for the hotel design and functional planning.
VOCUIS had repeated discussion with the staff of Grand Skylight Hotel in respects of customers, competitors and internal environment, thus laying a solid foundation for brand activation.


VOCUIS had repeated discussion with the staff of Grand Skylight Hotel in respects of customers, competitors and internal environment, thus laying a solid foundation for brand activation.During the transformation from brand strategies to the design and communication language, the brand DNA played an important role in ensuring smooth transformation.A brand DNA is the key word collected from extraction of the basis of brand strategies, which gives a brief description of "what the brand is".Then, from the brand personality, we extracted the key words of personality, and take them as the brand's tone of voice.VOCUIS helped Grand Skylight Hotel to extract the key words of the brand personality: affinity, convenience, exquisiteness, delicacy, sincerity and warmth, which are the brand's tone of voice for Grand Skylight Hotel, and then moved to the subsequent brand activation: "design transformation".


We used design thinking to transform the brand strategies into the language of design, and made full communication with target consumers to make full use of the brand strategies.
In order to clarify and activate the brand, it's necessary to get back to the brand touching points and customer experience journey following the brand basis. VOCUIS used the customer experience journey to explore every critical moment and brand touching point when customers are staying at Grand Skylight Hotel, thus creating a brand experience that belongs to Grand Skylight Hotel.

Survey and explore the current condition of the hotel

After the project was launched, the VOCUIS team paid a visit to Grand Skylight Hotel and carried out field research and in-depth interviews with the staff so as to explore the core value and culture of the brand and look into the current situations and management problems of the brand, and helped Grand Skylight Hotel to activate the brand, and integrated the results into the development of brand strategies.

Build a "home-like" hotel brand

"Home-like" is a catchy slogan for all hotel staff, but it's not an easy job to run a real "home-like" hotel.As a Chinese national brand hotel, the Grand Skylight Hotel cherishes its brand vision, i.e. "Grand Skylight Hotel is Home". The launch of this project helped the Grand Skylight Hotel make a big step towards its vision.

Optimize every critical point of the brand and create an exclusive brand experience for Grand Skylight Hotel.

Based on the brand strategy verified repeatedly, we developed the critical points of brand Grand Skylight Hotel.From the design point of view, VOCUIS developed six critical points for Grand Skylight Hotel, including "Welcome Back Home", "The Beauty of Chinese Totem," "After Work Drinks", "What I Do For You Is You Need", "A Wonderful Day", "Health Tips", and put forward the highlights in setting up the service processes and environmental atmosphere for each critical point so as to deliver the brand experience of Grand Skylight Hotel to every guest.

VOCUIS provide professional and overallHotel strategy development service

VOCUIS executed hotel strategy development for Grand Skyline which is the second brand of AVIC International Holding Corporation in the hospitality area








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